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 MTSP and Teamspeak Server

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PostSubject: MTSP and Teamspeak Server   Wed Aug 08, 2012 1:36 am

The Server Address is for both teamspeak and MTSP

Teamspeak can be downloaded
mediafire.com ?86z98rau018aa2c

MTSP can be downloaded
mediafire.com ?8xn6cbzthak337q

Rules are
-No raging
-No personal attacks on someone
-Be nice and have fun
-Respect the developers hard work (even if its leaked)

Note to developers:
I know you spent alot of time on this game and It being played massively may hurt to see that its not completed and "removing" some hype. I am terribly sorry and in no way mean to offend you guys in anyway, but we love the game so much we have started playing it so much, even if its broken. You guys did say to help you with the netplay of the game, so we are testing it out with MTSP to a mass level. I am looking at the source code of MTSP and am going to attempt to update it with UI and such but im a beginner. With this we can help improve netplay at least. We respect your work completely. [b]
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MTSP and Teamspeak Server
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